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The Nikhil Hogan Show

Hosted by @nikhilhogan, The Nikhil Hogan Show is for those who are passionate about music and want to get deep insights by great musicians, 5 days a week.

Mar 26, 2018

Daniel Spreadbury is the product marketing manager for Dorico, the revolutionary new music software that changes the game when it comes to digital music notation. No stranger to industry, Daniel has worked in the music notation software field for nearly 20 years and was an integral part of the Sibelius team before...

Mar 19, 2018

Steve Langone is an esteemed drummer and educator, known for his highly acclaimed books on advanced drumming methods and concepts. We go deep into some very complicated topics such as polyrhythms, metric modulation, and much, much more! Also guest hosting is drummer, Christopher Dzengelewski.

For the past twenty five...

Mar 13, 2018

Saxophonist and Pianist Aaron Gratzmiller joins the show to talk all things saxophone. We get into the great players of jazz, saxophone pedagogy, improvisation, harmony, his new debut album "Over The Edge" and so much great stuff!

Mar 12, 2018

Ian Charlie the lead guitarist and producer for the band WALLA. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, majoring in Contemporary Writing and Production. He also holds a film scoring certificate from UCLA. Ian chats with Nikhil about Film Scoring, hanging out with Steve Vai, producing pop records, working in LA and...

Mar 9, 2018

Christopher Vuk is a violinist, and successful business owner who runs the widely popular Rock and Roll Day Care in Cambridge Massachussetts, a daycare that emphasizes music and the arts in early childhood education. We talk about effective models of early childhood education, Montessori, what is effective and what...